Methods of Individual Accompaniment

  • Elaboration of a contract specifying the modalities of collaboration, the reciprocal engagements as well as the deontological limit

  • Definition of developmental objectives

  • Starting from the Reasoned Autobiography (H. Desroche) or the Experiential Profile (J.L. Dumont and M.C. Saint Pé), written work on the subjects of the life story linked with the project of the person

  • Maieutic questioning: mobilizing the resources and potential personnel

  • Problem solving: identification of reoccurring, non-resolved problems

  • Valorization of acquired competences using experiential planning

  • Synthesis of the end of the interview

  • Editing of a journal

  • Proposing activities to be done with regards to the attainable objective

  • A creative map

  • Identification of values of reference

  • Interview of explicitation (P. Vermersch)

  • Elaboration of a plan of action

  • Synthesis of an approach and an evaluation of attained objectives

Translated by Serge Gligoric